She’s the pocket rocket brunette with a thing for lingerie and home baked bread. Meet Sydney Influencer Nina Sky. Lover, designer and content creator, we talk self-discovery and learn the art of ‘Date Day in #ISO.’


M+E: What does ‘home’ mean to you?

NS: I hope it’s not too much of a clichè to say home for me is wherever I can be with Ryley. I love going on long road trips and sleeping in his van, and sometimes this can feel more ‘homey’ than ever.

We were set to move to Bali this month and even though this has been put on hold, when the time comes I can’t wait to make a home there together.

M+E: What have you learned in this period of isolation?

NS: It’s ok to go with the flow of the world and not stress about the future. If you stay true to yourself and put positivity out to the universe, everything will work out.

M+E: New skill you’ve acquired?

NS: Something I’ve been working on for a long time, which is the ability to have confidence in my creativity. During #ISO I have been shooting and editing photos and videos with Ryley more than ever, and I feel like this is a glimmer of the life we are creating for ourselves.


"I am completely in love with the Indus Pant and Kimono ... I forgot what it’s like to feel both sophisticated and comfortable at the same time."

M+E: We know what your #ISO date day looks like, how does your ultimate #ISO date night evolve?

NS: I love an #ISO date night! For us, it generally starts with a bottle of wine and Bella Bruta pizza on the rooftop of our local car park where we watch the sunset on the city. Then home for margis and a highly competitive game of UNO. When we’re at the right level of tipsy, we usually do something creative like painting or shooting photos in our house. If I’m lucky I can convince Ryley to learn a TikTok with me.

M+E: What are you watching/listening to?

NS: My every occasion playlist on Spotify ‘The Slow’ inspired by the Canggu hotel of the same name. It’s a leisurely mix of old and new smooth listening tracks … with a splash of disco for good measure.

I have been binging on the Netflix Doco ‘The Last Dance,’ and am hanging to read and watch ‘Normal People.’

M+E: Your ultimate M+E #ISO piece?

NS: I am completely in love with the Indus Pant and Kimono (in both Lemon and Turmeric). I forgot what it’s like to feel both sophisticated and comfortable at the same time.



M+E: Your favourite #WFH Maurie + Eve piece?

NS: The Nomade Knit Pant and Top is #WFH tonal heaven.

M+E: What’s currently cooking in the Nina Sky kitchen?

NS: I am definitely entry-level when it comes to baking. Although banana bread is trending, my go-to has been focaccia. It is widely satisfying when you see that dough rise happening for the first time … and don’t even get me started on watching the yeast spring to life! (I imagine it’s much like successfully raising a child). I also get much enjoyment from thinking up new toppings. There is just something so wholesome about serving lavishly garnished bread. At the minute I love Sicilian olives, rosemary and flakey sea salt.

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